The course incorporated practical & technical aspects of the art form. This included types of glass & their properties, including by examples the effect of the firing process, and how this may change or enhance the properties of different types of glass. Students were able to make several glass pieces from a simple star – made with 2 triangular pieces to a substantial show piece – a large plate/dish or a free standing decorative object.
Students experimented broadly, and sought & responded to Ms Zwaard’s guidance. Each of them were very positive in their evaluation of the course. The work they produced will be a significant contribution to their GCSE art portfolio.

The school looks forward very much to a similar input – already offered by the artist – for next year’s final year Art GCSE class.

John Lintern
Art Teacher

Alison has worked this summer with two groups of Key Stage 4 students at the Peak & Dales Support Centre, teaching them the art of ‘glass fusion’.

The young people exhibit a range of behavioural problems and many have difficulties compounded by Special Educational Needs. They all present real challenges to a tutor in terms of keeping attention, focus, good order, planning, structure, delivery and encouraging productive outcomes Alison has worked extremely well with the young people here, engaging them and managing them effectively and producing some excellent work in the form of artistically designed plates, bowls and display artefacts.

The students have responded well to Alison, developing skills, learning, co-operating and realising their artistic potential.
Throughout, Alison has shown high expectations of the young people,
developed positive relationships with them, required and obtained good order, prepared and resourced her lessons well and has contributed an excellent extra element to our alternative summer curriculum Alison is fully CRB checked

I have no hesitation in commending Alison to you

Dez Malandain
Senior Head of Centre